How to be Good at Chess

Chess is a sport that requires a great deal of concentration, commitment and patience. It is a game, which teaches the importance of smart-choices and sacrifices. People play Chess not just for the sake of exercising their brains but also to make it much more focused, relaxed and concentrated. So, it is important for everybody to learn Chess and learning the game is not enough, one must be willing to work hard to be good at it too. Here, I am going to explain on how anybody can be a good Chess and how he or she can develop the skills required to play the game.

1. Be committed

It is not very difficult to learn the basic rules of chess and it is not difficult to learn a few tricks. However, to be good at the sport, you must be willing to work and put in the effort that is required. You must be willing to spend hours learning how certain moves affect the game and you should also practice online or with your friends. Moreover, you should start reading some books related to the game so that you are able to develop your comprehension skills. Reading will also help to develop concentration, which will come handy in Chess.

2. Practice online

Websites such as are the number one place for you to develop your chess skills. The reason why I am emphasizing you to practice Chess online is because when online, you get to meet other chess players that are in the same level, as you and this will help you learn their skills and they will learn your skills too. This way, you will learn new techniques without getting bored or tired. Also, when you play online, the games will neither be too difficult, nor will it be very easy. The games will perfectly match your level of skill.

4. Analyze every game

It will be very difficult for anybody to analyze their game right when they start playing. However, once you start becoming familiar with the pieces and start feeling a little confident, you should starting analyzing your games with the help of a computer software or website. The place I visit frequently is but you can buy a Chess engine or can download a Chess engine and a user interface to help you analyze your games. Having a Chess engine is another important aspect of playing chess.

5. Watch how the professionals play

Go over to YouTube and see how professionals play chess or watch historical chess matches. This will give you an idea on what the various aspects of Chess are and how professionals position their pieces to win games or get an advantage. Also, these videos will teach you important things regarding the opening, mid-game and end game strategies. Also, you should also make the habit of reading all the available articles related to Chess from the Internet. These articles will really come in handy when you want to develop your chess strategy.

6. Learn to sacrifice

Chess itself is a sport that teaches you the importance of sacrifice to gain something valuable. As you continue playing the sport, you will realize the importance of developing your pieces in the right positions and how sacrificing some other pieces might come in handy. So, from the very beginning, try to trade pieces, or learn the value of different pieces of Chess.

Now, I will not tell you that following all of these steps will make you a brilliant player overnight but what I will tell you is that these steps will definitely improve your Chess game and strategies overtime.