The Benefits of Chess

Chess was developed a very long time ago and the way it has come this far is marvelous. Previously, Chess used to be played in between two human beings and now, it is also played between super computers and many software. One reason why Chess has come this far is because people were very cautious about its importance from an early age. Now, you may not believe this, but there are several qualities a good Chess player’s mind possess that others usually do not. There are some characteristics found in professional chess players that are usually not found with others.

1. Chess Players Have Excellent Memory

You might not agree with me but it is true that most good Chess players have better memories. Memory is an important aspect in measuring IQ and it is also an important tool for the survival of human beings. Good Chess players have great memory as they are compelled to remember various patterns of Chess pieces and must also remember different tactics required in the game. Most Grand Masters have above average IQs and this is another proof, which shows how Chess players tend to have better memory. Chess players will have to memorize a lot of things.

2. Chess Teaches Sacrifice

By sacrifice, I do not mean the people who give up their luxuries to go live in a jungle and become a sage. Instead, I mean sacrifice as in giving up something to gain something much more valuable. Many times in Chess, players have to give up an important piece to get positional advantage on the board. They also must make important trade-offs in between each other’s pieces. So, in other words, Chess teaches you to be smart; it teaches you the importance of giving up and the importance of looking into the future.

3. Chess teaches patience

In most games, chess players must wait for the right opportunity to take advantage. Many Chess players must wait for the right opportunity at the right time to make their move. Moreover, chess players must be willing to practice day and night in order to be a better player. They can never expect to be a good player just by practicing for one or two days. Years of hard work and dedication might be needed. Even many young Grand Masters had to practice for several years before they could be so perfect at Chess.

4. Chess helps with concentration

This point might not be very new for many of you. Concentration is a well-known aspect of Chess. Without concentration, nobody can expect to play chess and excel at it. Moreover, people who find it difficult to concentrate on various tasks must make the habit of plating Chess. Chess will be entertaining at first and as you keep on playing, you will find it much more interesting. As you keep on playing, your concentration skill will improve over time.

5.Chess Players are Logical

Good Chess players are always logical. In Chess, it is very important to think each and every move thoroughly in order to get higher points and eventually win the game. Also, Chess players must analyze his or her opponent’s move too. Analysis is a popular aspect of reasoning and logic. Since, Chess helps the people develop proper analysis skills, it is undoubtedly true that Chess helps people develop good logical skills.

So, Chess has all these benefits and it is an interesting game as well but the reason why many people do not enjoy it much is because they are not willing to do the hard work and be better in Chess. In other words, they are not motivated and they are unwilling.